Wired and Inspired

I met with one of my Soul Sisters the other night at our local coffee shop, Koffee Grounds. When I make dates on week nights in the evening, it has to be after bedtime. Being away in the evening is hard when you have little kids, 4 who are 5 and under, one of them still a nursing baby. Let’s just say bedtime in this house is a production.

I am already away at bedtime at least once a week to teach, so I make a point to be home for this precious time every other night. Fortunately, waiting until after bedtime isn’t a problem for my friends. We usually just gather for tea at one of our houses, sometimes at the yoga studio to guarantee no interruptions. You see, we are not just getting together for tea and conversation. Although there is nothing wrong with that and we do that sometimes too.

But we have an agenda, a mission. We have ideas, desires. These ideas flow most easily when we share them and feed off each other, obviously. So far, nothing has really come to fruition, but we’re patient and persistent. We know what we have to offer is good, great even. We know that when the time is right, it will unfold as it should. I can be a little impatient and impulsive , so having my soul sisters to reign me in is needed. I know that what we are brewing is more than just talk because it feeds my soul. After leaving my coffee date the other night, as usual, I had a hard time going to bed. And after texting my co-conspirator, said she too was “wired and inspired”!!! Just the perfect words to accurately describe how I was feeling.

We’re narrowing it down, getting more and more clear, more practical and real. But we’re not there yet. I’m not upset about it though, because it just means more late night meetings where we get to conspire together and with the Universe. Maybe the joke is on us and this is the just Universe’s way of getting us to take time out to connect and collaborate?

Maryanne Williamson says that we are three stages to reaching your highest evolution, first Actualization, then Collaboration, and finally to be of Service. It feels like when we meet for tea this is what is happening…the Universe bringing us together, we let the electricity flow through us and when it all makes sense to us and we can communicate in a way that makes sense to others, we will be of Service.


Photo Credits to Jade Lauren Photography, NASA, and Kyle Glenn