My yoga journey began in2003 while I was in university and I think it was love at first sight. It was then that I started attending Vinyasa classes and I was hooked from the very first class. It didn’t take long to know I was experiencing physical benefits: increased strength, flexibility and balance and in the beginning, it was that physical stuff that kept me coming back. I knew as well, there was something else happening but was unable to explain or even put my thumb on. I later came to know this as my True Nature.

I completed my university and moved to Elk Ridge to start my grownup life and career as a high school teacher in Prince Albert, knowing yoga would be forever woven into the fabric.  In 2009, along with my mom, we deepened our yoga practice through a 300 hour yoga teacher training program.

As a believer in life long learning, I continued my training in this path and completed the extensive certification process of iRest® Yoga Nidra in 2018. This knowledge, understanding and embodied experience has been life changing.

My classes incorporate the iRest teachings, as well as my training in alignment and interest in biomechanics. They are an exploration of the body, the way it moves, and how it feels, which can reveal and lead to a deep connection with Your True Nature.

When I am not practicing or teaching yoga and meditation, you can find me chasing after and playing with my 6 year old and 4 year old boys, 2 year old and baby girls  I love creating things, whether it be trying a new recipe, painting or weaving, or digging in the dirt. I have come to realize that to be fully alive is to experience each moment for what it is, being totally PRESENT to whatever arises, resting in acceptance and gratitude for this adventure of being human.

*Roxanne is also a certified Birth Doula. Click here to learn more about what she offers.



 Rhonda started attending yoga classes in 2007 out of curiosity. Shortly after starting this new practice, she noticed relief from years of chronic back pain. Wanting to deepen her own practice, she enrolled in a 300hr Yoga Teacher Training program with no real intention to actually teach yoga classes. By 2009, she was offering this life changing practice to the people of Melfort. Rhonda has extensive training in Critical Alignment Therapy Yoga and pain care. Rhonda is one of very few CAT certified teachers in the province of Saskatchewan. Because of her own experience, alleviating pain, she has felt drawn to pain management and helping other experience the relief she did.



Cindy has been practicing yoga since 2005, trying it as a way to improve posture and flexibility; she was hooked in her first class when, verifiably, her leg grew a half inch after supta padangusthasana.  An engineer by trade and pitta (fire) to her core, she is often rationalizing the science behind the philosophy and likes a high-paced practice; however, she believes that everything needs balance such that the “unexplained” is great when it works for even one person, and a slow and mindful practice is needed sometimes.  Sprinkle in some sarcasm, factoids and a custom soundtrack, and Cindy’s classes are not to be missed.